Hello, It's me, Sangmin Kim!

I'm a nerdy developer who loves learning tabletop games!

Got a traditional game from your country?

Hello, I'm Sangmin Kim. Call me "Tyler" if you wish.

I'm a full-stack web developer who's somehow destined to learn completely new tech stacks every time I pursue a new opportunity as a dev. Seriously, zero overlaps for the last 8 years. Though I always had to pick up new technologies... and you know what? I did pretty well! :)

I used to be facinated about learning new technologies in the past... but I'm going the opposite way now. I'm very into digging into studying interpreters & compilers and architectures of frameworks I use for work.

If you're interested in me as a dev, please download this resume.
By looking at the game collection(and it's only some of my entire collection!), you probably have already guessed at this point. Yes! You're right! I'm a big boardgame fan. Not only do I own 700+ games but also I have written over 280+ boardgame reviews in Korea for the last 10 years. Eh-hm! Yeah, you can say I'm one of the well-known board game reviewers with a lot of good credits for well-written reviews. If you'd like to see some, please visit here! (tho, it's written in Korean...)

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