Hello, stranger! Have a sit here :D

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Let me introduce myself!

I'm an web developer with 5 years of experience in developing websites in both front and back ends, designing database schema, refactoring legacy codes, running various unit tests, and testing brower compatibility.

I've been living as an one man army, freelance, for the about 2 years and 7 months - learning everything I needed to successfully deliver a robust application to my clients.

Currently, I'm re-developing one old gigantic website from the scratch. I'm in responsible for every tiny parts related to the project. This includes consulting with the client, determining how & what to refactor from their old legacy database, migrating all the important source codes & data to new website built on Laravel, managing milestons and bug reports and so on.

Though currenly working by myself, I'm higly fond of working in a team with open-mind and enthusiasm in sharing knowledge in fact. It's such a pleasure to share ideas and experiences with colleagues and make those valuable information as a part of mine. Nothing can make me happier than realzing what I can do for the team as I learn.

I'm pursuing new opportunities. Feel free to reach me at sangmin.tyler.kim@gmail.com or by phone at 778-318-5586.

Hey! This is what I can do!

Uh oh...! No languages or skills you seek? No worries. I always try to keep myself up-to-date! Visit me again later or email me at sangmin.tyler.kim@gmail.com with a list of skills you want me to learn! You want it, I got it.

  • Programming Language : PHP, Pytho, HTML/CSS, jQuery, currently learning in MEAN stack and ReactJS.
  • Prefered Frameworks : Laravel, Codeigniter, Wordpress
  • Database Skills : Mysql, Mssql, MongoDB
  • Design Skills : Photoshop
  • Programming Style : Loves readable & maintainable codes. Love code reviews.
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iphones two

Here are some fun facts you may not know!

  • Loves : Messy braided hair style.
  • Skills : Gain weight slow & lose fast.
  • Strength : 20 Push Up 5 sets :)
  • Weakness : Tickling, Can't shout loud. Can't open eyes in the water.
  • Volunteer Hrs : +1760 hrs - taking care of kids who need our helps.
  • Bucketlist : Web swinging, Chinese Kitchen Knife, Being smart.
  • Achivement : Six 1s with 7 dice roll. Never used F-word during last the last 28 yrs.
  • Goal of the year : Launching Menuhunter. Winning in Splendor Boardgame against 9yrs old girl (Arrgg!!)

4 Things I always concern

Responsive Design

Responsive design is mandatory now in 2016. I always work for both PC & mobile users. Don't fall behind!

Clean Code

Codes must be easy-to-read with informative comments. Always focus on bullet-proof codes with full of unit tests.

Modern Design

Consult with designers in partnership. User friendly & device friendly. You want it? I got it.

24/7 Support

Feel free to contact me when something goes wrong. I will be always here to support you.


Ta-da! Some of the projects I've worked on!

Introducing Partners

I've been working with many other companies as a freelancer and successfully providing final products that customers exactly wanted to see. You will also be able to contact me via the following three companies: Elgamez, HDC Designs+Graphics, and Andrew Design Centre.

Are you also interested in working with me or do you have any questions regarding me? Email me anytime at sangmin.tyler.kim@gmail.com!